Arborite - Montreal

Recently, I was invited to a manufacture tour of Arborite’s facilities in Montreal. The tour was also hosted by representatives from their distributor, Jaeckle Distributors.

Since 1942, Arborite has been bringing surfaces to life. With a solid reputation for quality and reliability, Arborite has become synonymous with high-pressure laminate. Throughout the tour we were shown the step by step process of how the HPL is made. Also meeting and interacting with the workers at the plant, one really starts to understand the type of company and culture Arborite strives for. Our tour was giving by a gentleman who was a second generation worker at their facility and the week following was retiring. There was even mention of workers being from a third generation of a family that still works at Arborite facility.
After the tour the group also was presented to by Grace Jeffers. During this presentation Grace wanted us to think about what is “man-made” versus what is “natural” or “real”.
Her presentation brought to the forefront that our conscious design decisions have a lasting impact on our world and communities we may not always see.

Also a quick visual presentation was put together to show the studio here in Chicago what was experienced throughout the trip. You can also view the presentation, 2017 Montreal Presentation
Besides the above gallery, you can view additional photos here.

There were also a few places I wanted to specifically highlight from the trip.
Bistro Lannes et Pacifique
CUL-SEC, cave et cantine
Station 16 Gallery
Galerie Matthew Namour